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Frequently Asked Questions

for VPR and Vermont PBS Members 


(General FAQ that is not necessarily member-specific can be found here.)


We've compiled the list below with some common questions about membership as VPR and Vermont PBS become one organization. Click on the question in bold to reveal the answer. We'll work to keep this updated as new questions arise, and answers evolve. Thank you!

(Last Updated 6/30/21)


How will the merging of organizations affect my membership?
Your membership continues to support the services as you know them on radio, television, and online. In the future, your support will help our new, combined organization better serve the evolving needs of our audience, connect the community, and share compelling, local stories.

How will the merging of organizations affect my sustaining membership?
Although we are merging into a single organization, several legacy systems are not yet integrated. VPR and Vermont PBS are still operating separate membership departments and databases, and we do not anticipate making any changes to sustaining memberships until we’re on a unified system.

Currently, we anticipate unifying our systems in mid-2022, and will communicate any specific changes to sustaining memberships at least 30 days before any changes are implemented.

What does my contribution support?
Your contribution will continue to support our service on the radio, television and online. It also will help our new, combined organization better serve the evolving needs of our audience, connect the community, and share compelling local stories.

Who do I make my check out to?
Right now, you can make your check out to VPR or Vermont PBS. By early 2022 we expect to broadly communicate the new name of our organization so you will know who to make checks out to at that time.

Where do I send my check?
You can send your check to:

VPR and Vermont PBS
365 Troy Avenue
Colchester, VT 05446

Vermont PBS and VPR
10 East Allen St. Suite 202
Winooski, VT 05404

If this should change down the road, we will broadly communicate the address.

Do I need to notify my bank/financial institution of this change?
At this time, no action is required on your part. If you contribute automatically through your bank account, bill pay service, or credit/debit card, your membership will still process successfully. If any changes need to be made in the future we will communicate that information to you.

Can I choose to give to one organization or the other?
Whether you enjoy programming on radio, television, or online, your investment in our new organization lays the foundation to build community, protect democracy, educate our kids, and promote the local institutions that make our region unique. While you can’t direct your gift to a specific platform, your support of public media in Vermont ensures that everyone in our community has access to high quality and trusted programs and services.

I don’t ever use radio/TV and don’t want my contribution to support it.
Many people donate to VPR or Vermont PBS to help pay for their own use of the service. But as a community resource and in the spirit of public access, many people also give so that others can benefit as well. Not everyone can afford to make charitable contributions to support public media, but when you do, you pay to support your own use and that of hundreds of thousands of people across our region.

Since you’re all one organization, if I contribute to a radio fundraiser will I be eligible for TV thank you gifts and member benefits? (And vice versa).
PBS Passport will be made available to all donor donors contributing $60 or more. We will begin providing access to existing VPR donors in mid-May. All other thank you gifts are currently associated only with either TV or radio fundraisers.

Why? Although we are merging into a single organization, our systems are not yet integrated. VPR and Vermont PBS currently operate separate membership departments and databases, which prevents us from ensuring accurate thank you gift selection and fulfillment.

When will this change? By mid-2022 we expect to be on a unified fundraising system that will enable us to accurately offer and fulfill thank you gifts for both TV and radio during all fundraisers.

Will this change reduce or increase your on-air fundraising or expenses?
At this time we don’t anticipate a need to do more on-air fundraising. Over the coming months as we plan for our future together, we hope to streamline and enhance our fundraising and outreach efforts as we work to serve our larger, combined membership base./div>

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